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Monday, 22 July 2013

I Adore Her Soo Much!


Dena Kamarul Bahrin. :)

why i adore her so much? hehe. because, even she wear shawl. but she still cover her aurah. ohh. i hope i be like her one day. so comel! *i pun comel jugak*  :D

She's already married and already have a cute baby boy named Hadif Mikail bin Khairul Ikram! As cute as her. Btw husband dia handsome. Huihui. Yang paling penting hubby dia sangat sangat sangaaat baik hati dan romantic. Seriously I said. Many people dah tengok video yang dia upload kat youtube masa husband dia nak propose. Subhanallah! So sweet :'). They never knew each other. That means they're in love after marriage. Yup, memang indah. Her husband come from a rich family but he's really not stingy as others. Sanggup hadiahkan DSLR semasa nak propose tu. Erghhh cool nyee! Nak jugakkk. DSLR is one of my wishlist. Harap-harap nanti ada lah orang yang nak kasi Ipad ke, Iphone ke, Tab ke or whatever masa nak propose saya! Ahaks! Very impossible. Eh? No lah. Nothing impossible. But that's not my main dream. As long as he loves me, it's more better and no things can replace it. Semestinya kena lah romantik macam hubby Kak Dena atau lebih dari tu. Haha!

she with her family (husband and son). muka kak dena mcm saya. yeay! *haha. perasaan jap.

see. so cute. arrghh! MELTING. -.-"
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